5 Benefits of Wi-Fi Connected AC

wi-fi connected acWi-Fi connected AC, or smart air-conditioners are a great choice for houses with state-of-art technology. Such ACs can be controlled by smartphones through an app suggested by the manufacturer. The app, however, can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once the AC unit is connected via the Smartphone app, you can turn it on and off and regulate its temperature with a touch on the mobile screen. Wi-Fi connected ACs have many advantages; we have listed the five prime benefits that every prospective buyer needs to know.

1. Complete Control: The Wi-Fi connected AC units provide their users a complete control via their respective smartphones without the help of an AC remote. The users can set timer, temperature, speed, and power on and off.  

2. Convenience: The smart AC units are designed considering the convenience of the user. The AC sends alerts and notifications for service and repairing directly to the Smartphone of the user. Moreover, smart ACs can restore automatically following the auto-restarting process. The user also gets complete data regarding the working of the AC, such as how many hours operated at what temperature in time and date wise. This helps the user auto adjust the temperature for effective cooling.

3. Comfort: With Wi-Fi-enabled AC, you can turn on the cooling of your room while you are on your way home. The smart AC has a dedicated sleep mode that lets you set the AC to raise the room temperature before you wake up. The sleep mode also auto-adjusts the cooling while you sleep.

4. Voice Control: Wi-Fi connected ACs can be controlled via SIRI, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

5. Energy and Cost Efficient: We tend to forget to turn off lights, fans, ACs, and electrical devices while rushing to work. Smartphone connected devices can be controlled from far, which means you can turn off the AC while driving to work, in case you forget to when living.

Do you think a smart AC is exactly what you need for your home? Here are some tips so you would know how to choose the right AC for your bedroom.