About Us

about usHello! You have reached Doug’s HVAC Tips. This is a blog that will feature content about anything and everything HVAC. You will find information about AC repair, AC maintenance, AC installation, and many more. We will also be sharing tips about your heaters and ventilation system.

For years now, we have worked with countless HVAC technicians. We have learned many tips and techniques from them, which we will be sharing with you. We are fans of DIY methods too. So we will also surely share those as well.

Of course, there are things that must be left to experts. We will always be honest with you whether you can DIY something or you must call an expert and licensed HVAC technician for help.

For instance, we’ll share with you some troubleshooting tips so you’ll know why your AC is leaking or why it’s becoming noisy. If repairs are easy, then we’ll give you DIY tips. If it is more complex, then it would be better to reach out to an expert.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We sure are glad to have you here. We’d like to hear from you soon! In behalf of Doug’s HVAC team, thank you for visiting our blog.