Why is My Room Not Cool Enough Even With the AC On?

home ac sizeWhy is my room not cool enough even when the AC is on? This is one of the most common problems homeowners have with their air-conditioners. Especially when an AC is an older model that isn’t regularly maintained, this is a problem all too common for many. 

There are plenty of reasons why this would be case. Among the most common ones include the following: 

You don’t have the right size AC

Your AC’s power capacity should be enough for the size of the room. Here’s an easy-to-use AC calculator for you to check the right AC size you need. 

The AC is dirty

Sometimes, you just simply need to clean your air-conditioner. If you can remove the filter on your own and wash it, then that would be good. But yearly professional cleaning is most ideal. 

Your home insulation is not good enough

Perhaps it’s too hot outside and your home’s insulation needs to be checked if you have enough. You can call an insulation company for thermal imaging service to be sure.

Your AC needs repair

It could also be that there’s a problem with your air-conditioner. The best way to solve this is by calling an AC contractor for inspection and repair. 

Always call a licensed professional when you need AC repairs or maintenance. This way, you won’t void your AC’s warranty and you can be sure that you’re getting quality service. We’ve previously written about the benefits of calling a licensed technician for AC repair. Make sure you look into that so you won’t get tempted to DIY just to save a few dollars. 

Who to Call for Air Conditioner Repair

who to call for air conditioner repairAir conditioners are no longer just merely luxury appliances that chosen households get to have. These days, temperatures get so extreme that every home must have a functional air conditioner. At times, these air conditioners stop working and you must know who to call for air conditioner repair.

AC repair is pretty tricky. There are so many guides and detailed instructions you can find online that might make you think you can actually repair an air conditioner on your own. However, without proper training, essential tools, and experience, you might not be doing your AC unit any good if you DIY the entire process on your own.

So who to call for air conditioner repair? Anyone would say that you should call professionals for assistance. Most AC units come with a warranty that might get voided if you don’t get licensed experts to help you fix them. And if your AC unit is already beyond its warranty coverage, you might end up with a bigger AC problem if repairs are done incorrectly. Parts replacement is most of the time the most costly part of repairing an AC.

So when you are trying to get assistance for AC repair, reach out to a local company that has licensed and trained AC repair staff who can help you get this done properly and swiftly. Most air conditioner repair contractors offer free quotations so you won’t have to be faced with such large fees without any other option. Simply look up the best company to work with, and ask them for a free estimate. Most likely, they will come to your property to do some inspections first unless you are able to describe exactly what’s wrong with your air conditioning unit.

Here’s some information on where can I find affordable professional HVAC service that might help you out.

Benefits of Calling a Licensed Technician for AC Repair

ac repair

Many times, homeowners are tempted to call handymen or unlicensed technicians to help them out when they need repair services for their air-conditioning units. Some believe that this is a budget-friendly way to deal with AC problems. Some would think that calling a licensed technician will cost them a lot of money. 

However, there are plenty of benefits of calling a licensed technician for AC repairs and other AC services you require. It is not always about money. And it’s good to know that not all licensed techs would charge insane amounts of money, especially for simple repairs. 

Why You Should Call a Licensed AC Repair Tech

If you are wondering where should I call for AC repair, we highly recommend calling a licensed tech. As mentioned, there are many reasons and benefits you should call a licensed expert whenever you need service for your air-conditioning units. Here are some of those benefits.

  1. Knowledge and Expertise: Licensed HVAC technicians are knowledgeable and have experience when it comes to repairing AC’s of all kinds. You won’t have to deal with someone who would have to flip the manual just to know what to do to help you out with your concern. You can be confident that a licensed tech will know exactly what to do to repair your AC. 
  2. Fully Equipped: Some repairs require special tools and equipment. Since handymen are usually all-around jacks of all trades, then they might not have the necessary tools needed to perform all kinds of AC repairs. 
  3. Warranty Coverage: When your AC is still covered by a warranty from the manufacturer, then you would have to call a licensed and authorized service repairman to help you out otherwise the warranty may be void. 

If you are worried about the costs of AC repair, know that you can always ask for a free quote from most technicians. 


Where Should I Call for AC Repair?

air conditioner repair

An air conditioner is more than just a luxury piece of home appliance. Especially when you live in a place where summers get extremely hot, a working AC system is exactly what you need to stay comfortable. In fact, comfort might even be only secondary. Too much heat may bring health risks as well. And so when the AC stops working, it is necessary to know who to call for AC repair.

There are plenty of different issues an air conditioner may have problems with. Some air conditioners show signs of AC issues before it stops working completely. These issues may include unusual noises coming from the air conditioning unit. You may also see some leaks in the interior or exterior unit of your air conditioner. It could also be that the AC doesn’t feel cool at all or takes a long time to cool down a room.

You can go ahead and look for air conditioning troubleshooting methods online since there are plenty. Sometimes, it can be a simple problem as a setting that needs to be changed. However, when troubleshooting tells you something needs to be fixed or replaced, then it is better to call a professional to help you out.

Air conditioner technicians or HVAC contractors are not hard to find. Many of them work within local service areas and most probably there’s one or a few in your community too. When you need to call for AC repair, you have to make sure that you are going to call a legitimate and licensed professional. Also, you must not delay repairs as that may cause further issues or even irreversible damages.

Just remember – when you need AC repair services, call a licensed contractor for help. We’ll be sharing more tips here at Doug’s HVAC Tips! Watch out for more updates.