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Air Conditioning Maintenance for Prevention

Just like in humans where prevention is better than cure, in air conditioners, prevention is better than expensive repairs or a full replacement. The best way to prevent AC problems and very pricey repairs is when you get air conditioner maintenance at least once every year but this can be more frequent depending on the type of air conditioner you have in your property. When you’re unsure about the frequency of maintenance depending on your AC type, you can always ask your local HVAC contractor for advice.

AC maintenance is more than just cleaning your AC units at home or in your place of business. Thanks to the numerous free guides you can find on the Internet, cleaning an air conditioner becomes pretty easy. Take a look at the video below.

However, the reason air conditioning maintenance is necessary and why you need to call a licensed technician to do it is to prevent problems. The technician will perform a full check-up on your air conditioning unit to check whether it is functioning properly. Aside from just cleaning it, the technician will check if all parts are intact. If a part needs replacement or a repair, it will be done at that moment too. This way, irreversible damages, and more expensive repairs can be prevented.

Most importantly, regular AC maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is functioning all the time. Problems such as the air conditioner fluctuating in a very hot summer afternoon can be prevented. You can sleep soundly at night with your air conditioner working perfectly to keep you cool and relaxed.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you out. By the way, an HVAC contractor can also help you out with AC repairs or even expert advice such as how to choose the right AC for your bedroom. So make sure you have a go-to contractor to call each time you need help.

Where Should I Call for AC Repair?

air conditioner repair

An air conditioner is more than just a luxury piece of home appliance. Especially when you live in a place where summers get extremely hot, a working AC system is exactly what you need to stay comfortable. In fact, comfort might even be only secondary. Too much heat may bring health risks as well. And so when the AC stops working, it is necessary to know who to call for AC repair.

There are plenty of different issues an air conditioner may have problems with. Some air conditioners show signs of AC issues before it stops working completely. These issues may include unusual noises coming from the air conditioning unit. You may also see some leaks in the interior or exterior unit of your air conditioner. It could also be that the AC doesn’t feel cool at all or takes a long time to cool down a room.

You can go ahead and look for air conditioning troubleshooting methods online since there are plenty. Sometimes, it can be a simple problem as a setting that needs to be changed. However, when troubleshooting tells you something needs to be fixed or replaced, then it is better to call a professional to help you out.

Air conditioner technicians or HVAC contractors are not hard to find. Many of them work within local service areas and most probably there’s one or a few in your community too. When you need to call for AC repair, you have to make sure that you are going to call a legitimate and licensed professional. Also, you must not delay repairs as that may cause further issues or even irreversible damages.

Just remember – when you need AC repair services, call a licensed contractor for help. We’ll be sharing more tips here at Doug’s HVAC Tips! Watch out for more updates.

5 Benefits of Wi-Fi Connected AC

wi-fi connected acWi-Fi connected AC, or smart air-conditioners are a great choice for houses with state-of-art technology. Such ACs can be controlled by smartphones through an app suggested by the manufacturer. The app, however, can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once the AC unit is connected via the Smartphone app, you can turn it on and off and regulate its temperature with a touch on the mobile screen. Wi-Fi connected ACs have many advantages; we have listed the five prime benefits that every prospective buyer needs to know.

1. Complete Control: The Wi-Fi connected AC units provide their users a complete control via their respective smartphones without the help of an AC remote. The users can set timer, temperature, speed, and power on and off.  

2. Convenience: The smart AC units are designed considering the convenience of the user. The AC sends alerts and notifications for service and repairing directly to the Smartphone of the user. Moreover, smart ACs can restore automatically following the auto-restarting process. The user also gets complete data regarding the working of the AC, such as how many hours operated at what temperature in time and date wise. This helps the user auto adjust the temperature for effective cooling.

3. Comfort: With Wi-Fi-enabled AC, you can turn on the cooling of your room while you are on your way home. The smart AC has a dedicated sleep mode that lets you set the AC to raise the room temperature before you wake up. The sleep mode also auto-adjusts the cooling while you sleep.

4. Voice Control: Wi-Fi connected ACs can be controlled via SIRI, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

5. Energy and Cost Efficient: We tend to forget to turn off lights, fans, ACs, and electrical devices while rushing to work. Smartphone connected devices can be controlled from far, which means you can turn off the AC while driving to work, in case you forget to when living.

Do you think a smart AC is exactly what you need for your home? Here are some tips so you would know how to choose the right AC for your bedroom.

How to Choose the Right AC for Your Bedroom

how to choose the right acHave you been saving to buy a new air conditioner for your Bedroom? But before you buy, ask yourself, have you done your homework? In case you haven’t, don’t worry, we have done it for you.

For a pleasant summer inside the house, you need an AC but the one that is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and is capable of cooling the space. Here we have listed a few things that should be kept in mind while buying a new AC for your bedroom.

1. Calculate BTU: BTU stands for British thermal units. It is the measurement used to calculate the size of the AC for maintaining a pleasant temperature inside the room. There are BTU calculators available for free online. Just type in a BTU calculator and insert the required values such as the size of the room, insulation type, number of people using the room, and more. 

2. Dehumidifier: The AC that you chose to buy should have a feature called dehumidifier for removing excess moisture from the air during the rain. The dehumidifier is also helpful in preventing fungus and bacteria growth.

3. Dust Filters: The AC is not only a room cooling device. It also helps keep the room dust-free. Dust filters catch tiny dust mites and particles in the air.

4. Heater: AC with heaters can help the room warm in the winter season. If you are lucky to find an AC with a heater, go for it and have it installed.

5. Types of AC: There are different types of ACs available in the market, such as window AC, split AC, inverter AC, and more. Talk to the AC installer and retailer to know the type of AC that is effective and efficient.

You can always ask your friends to suggest the type of AC for your space. Also, please read about the latest ACs in the market, their reviews, and the one that uses less electricity and is efficient. 

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Why Offices Need Proper Ventilation

offices ventilation

We need homes properly ventilated for our kids and elders to live a healthy life inside. People working in offices also need proper ventilation to prevent health hazards that may occur owing to suffocation in the workplace. A poorly ventilated office can be a house to allergens causing asthma, strokes, and allergies. Besides, the indoor air quality of the offices does have an essential effect on the work efficiency of individual employees.

Ventilation removes bad quality air that may be caused by machines and people. The fresh or good quality air is added to the workplace, promoting a greater feeling of well-being, which, in turn, boosts productivity.

The heat produced by computer, light, and electronics is often a problem when left unmanaged. Offices with large glazed areas with abundant sunlight have trapped heat that needs to be cooled down through proper ventilation systems. Offices use various types of ventilation systems to ensure a healthy working environment inside the workplace. The methods include:

  1. Natural Ventilation through Advanced Control System: More offices are now using an advanced control system to ventilate the workplace naturally. Through the advanced ventilation, the external fresh air is directed to the office.
  2. Smoke Control: In incidents of fire smoke, ventilation helps emit smoke from the staircase, corridors, and atriums, to allow safer exit. Installing smoke sensors and alarms can help prevent damages to life and property.
  3. Window Automation: These days, offices come occupied with automating window opening systems. Whenever the indoor air quality is sensed bad or poor by the system, it automatically opens up the windows allowing fresh air to slip into the workplace.

There are many ways for you to ventilate your office. Especially when you have plenty of valuable equipment or lots of staff and employees working in your office, you have to ensure that the area is well-ventilated.

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